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12/6/06 02:39 pm - worlddating2007 - Pretty russian girls!

Nov. 28th, 2006 at 9:46 AM</abbr>


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10/15/06 08:08 pm - worldwidedating - Sexy girls of top dating site




9/15/06 03:22 pm - murderoftwo

8/25/06 10:27 am - hiccu_pop

Hey peeps, Im new here :) And I need to get something off my chest, heh ~

advice highly appreciated!Collapse )

8/1/06 10:33 pm - pinksilk - i'm sorry!

i'm sorry, i hate promo-ing in other communitys...but it needs done :)
you are welcome to come promote in my journal
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7/12/06 12:57 pm - nageki

I need to know whether I'm truly exaggerating or what else, because I'm going insane.

Me and my b/f have been together for a couple of years now. He's the sweetest guy ever, anytime I feel sad he tries to comfort me, makes me talk and pour out my sadness. However, I do feel the lack of something in our relationship. For instance, we never celebrated any anniversary nor did we do anything special for each other. Or better, I did but he seems not to be interested too much although he keeps on repeating how much he loves me and how much he wants to get married as soon as we can. I don't know, I think I'm missing the little things which seem to be normal routine for the other couples. For instance, I once spent an entire week drawing and coloring a birthday card for him featuring Full Metal Alchemist because I knew he loved it. It took me a lot of time, but he never said anything more than "thank you". On Christmas I packed a huge box full of little presents (for him, of course) and things that remind me of us, which I'm sure he liked but that's all about it. I then made a small website on Valentine's Day because we couldn't be together and his reaction was "thank you, it was sweet". Time passed on and some other small things changed, he also used to send me txt messages on my handy phone, then suddenly he stopped. He said it's because my handy needed to be recharged and I couldn't answer. It's not that we see everyday, I know it'd be extremely exaggerated If I asked such stuff, but we haven't seen each other for over two months now and I do miss "reading" that "I miss you" or stuff like that once in a while. I slightly mentioned it the other day then suddenly at night I found a txt message on my phone, so I told him he doesn't need to send them just because I was being bitchy about it. He replied that he does it because he knows it makes me feel fine. Geez, I don't know probably I'm just being a real a*****e but to me it just sound like "I did it so that you will stop complaining". I don't know, I think I'm going insane. I don't tell him anything about how I feel because I'm at war with myself thinking stuff like "you're not beautiful enough to be asking for something more than this", so I just end up being silent. He thinks everything is okay, I do force myself to think the same even though I know it's the opposite way. I mean, he's there .. he listens to me .. he does whatever he can .. he is trying to come over to my city to study and work just to be with me but I still focus on the small things which I miss .... stupid things you may say, like a card for my birthday written with his handwriting because none of his present had a card ... a small flower or whatever on Valentine's Day even though I know it's a stupid celebration .. anything small and sweet the other people normally do for each other ....

am I being a bitch and asking too much ? :(

4/12/06 02:44 am - murderoftwo

4/8/06 04:08 pm - murderoftwo

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4/8/06 03:53 pm - murderoftwo

3/11/06 01:55 pm - wildroze22

i dont know how active this community is, but i thought i would share, even just to get things off of my chest

my boy and i have been dating for 4 months now, half of which has been long distance. i am in the united states, he is in israel, and we met while i was studying there. we knew each other for about 3 months before we actually started dating.

things have been going ok, the usual ups and downs i would assume. its hard because we are both busy and there is a pretty big time difference between us. i am blessed because i get to see him in a week, even though i will only be there for a week.

my friends in LDR havent been working out recently, and i guess its been getting me nervous. i know i shouldnt look at other peoples relationships in comparision to my own, but its hard to see other LDRs breaking up because of the distance. makes me wonder if im crazy sometimes.

i guess im just looking for some nice words, maybe some advice? thanks
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